Academy Uniform

Academy Uniform

For Boys:
1- During morning sessions: (for all pupils)
Black trousers, white shirt, black blazer with Safeer's Oragne Logo and white net hat

2- During afternoon sessions (for residential and day care pupils)
White Thobe, white net hat, black blazer with Safeer's Oragne Logo

3- In the evening and night (for residential pupils)
Any casual sensible dress

For girls:
Full sleeve grey long abayah and light orange colour headscarf. Girls aged 9+ will be allowed to wear niqab with the permission of their parents.

Safeer Acaemy is against imposing any Academy uniform that draws negative connotations. The academy, however, would like to encourage and request the respected parents to follow the dress code provided by Safeer Academy in order to avoild any disciplinary breachings.