Functional Strategies at Safeer Academy

Functional Strategies at Safeer Academy

Thunaiyyah: Home-School twinning efforts
The home environment should be very actively supportive to all Tarbiyyah efforts and programmes run by the school.
As Safeer Academy will have its attainment and acheivement targets for each student, the home will have to set targets for their children.

Kulliyyah: Tarbiyyah in every aspect of school life:
In line with delivering SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural) and literacy, Tarbiyyah should be embedded in all lessons and school experiences. Each topic should be linked to one or more of our 10 Tarbiyyah principles which will promote their belief and strengthen their identity and self-esteem.

Al-Qudwah: Tarbiyyah by Qudwah (role modeling and examples):
The principle of leading by example through continuous Islamic education and the constant quest for ‘ilm, ihsan wa taqwa.

As-Suhbah: Halaqah (Islamic verbal Pedagogy):
Through tutorials. assemblies, breaks, trips, camps, celebrations and other daily life activities

At-Taqweem: (Assessment for Learning-AfL):
AfL should be rigorously applied to all tarbiyyah programmes and elements, and standardised assessment data will be collected from all the teachers and staff at the end of each term.

Ad-Dafeiyyah: Rewards and sanctions:
In line with Academy’s rewards and sanctions policy, Tarbiyyah programme will devise and implement its own rewards and sanctions policies.

Our Educational Routes:
Safeer Academy syllabus will be mainly focusing on British Curriculum (Cambridge or Edexcel) (IGCSE). However, our pupils will be fully prepared for local job markets for civil services and public sectors as we will be offering essential subjects e.g. Bengali language and literature and Bangladesh Studies.